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The Magic of Library Cards, August 2008

Namaste sabailaai.  How I miss the ring of Nepali in my ears.  I have found a store on Haight that sells jewelry and where I was able to excitedly exchange a brief conversation in Nepali with the two Newari men from Kathmandu who run the shop.  It was … Continue reading

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Good morning sunshine, Kalimpong

Monday, April 21, 2008 Sombaar, Bhaisak 8, 2065   I roll over on my bed.  The pillow rises to either side of my head, hard as it is, it has molded to cradle my head just so.  I pick up the alarm … Continue reading

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Details of my life and visiting Thailand

Mum and Dad, I’m in Thailand.  Let’s see…..  Where to start?  It’s so wonderful to see Tanya and be with her and just to be able to talk about everything and anything.  It’s so good.  I love her so much … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces of My Life: December, 2006

21 December, 2006 Hello to everyone and happy December.  I’m happy it’s December and cool enough to be really comfortable in jeans and even a long-sleeve shirt.   Grin. I’ve been thinking a lot about being in India and some of the things I do and … Continue reading

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