Return from the Sun Temple

Hi again from Puri.  J and I headed North to Konark to see the Sun Temple there yesterday afternoon, spent a lovely night and morning and are back again.

With the scooter at the beach

We had rented  a scooter and we took this with us to Konark.  On the way, we stopped at a deserted beach and went for a swim, just us, two bicycles and one fisherman in the distance.  I still was modest and wore a full-length mumu in the water. It’s funny where I can and do feel comfortable crossing cultural broundaries and when I don’t.  I guess to a large extent covering my body is a way of being culturally appropriate that also affects my own safety and comfort (I’d rather be covered than make a spectacle of myself, even if noone is obviously watching).  Smile.
The Sun Temple is beautiful!  Built in the 13th century and just amazing!  The walls are covered in intricate carvings of animals, beautiful women and then lots of tantric sex (a la kama sutra).  It was pretty funny to have an Indian guide this morning explaining to us what some of the images were (many of which were pretty explicitly clear without explanation – laugh).  He managed to do it without being creepy or inappropriate either, which was nice.

being present; looking forward

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Konark – Seaside Temple

Temple on the road between Puri and Konark

From Puri, our adventure took us by way of a little scooter (such a great way to travel in India) to Konark, home of the Sun Temple, once covered in Sand.

They say that when it was built, there was a powerful electro-magnetic stone suspended in the top of the temple that affected boats and ships sailing off the coast.  The walls of the temple are covered in incredibly beautiful and intricate carvings and it’s particularly famous for its erotic carvings.  Looking back, I wish I’d taken more photos of those just to give a sense of the extent of this artwork.

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Puri Photographs

mid August, 2010

As white tourists (read: non-Hindu outsiders), I was not able to enter into the temple grounds, so all of these photographs are from the outside of the temple complex.  I’d love to have input on captions for the photos – pick a number and suggest a caption.










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