A pack a day…

…is about what I’m smoking now that I’m back in Kathmandu.  Grin.  Great air quality.
Smile.  Hi Aaron.  it’s funny to be back and fun and wonderful and strange.  the trip into the hills with my dad was magical and i cried when we left Simi Gaun yesterday.  i can’t help it.  I feel as if i am leaving something of myself each time I say goodbye there.  How are you?  how was your visit with Grace and Kayla and your dad before that?  I thought of you as my dad and i walked through rhododendron forests and up into rugged rocky land.  It was so beautiful.  And just stark.  so much to think about and so much to just be.  I’ll keep you at least semi updated.Sending so much love and looking forward to when I meet you next.  in the meantime, i’m collecting stories and pieces of me.
love and peace,
Dear Kara
The keyboard is funny, so sorry for my mis-typing in advance.  Can I just say that your emails made me ridiculously happy?????  I’m sitting in this internet cafe with a silly smile on my face that only silly emails from a lovely friend can bring.  I’m back from my traipse in the mountains with my papa .  It was wonderful!  Magic, Kara, magic.  We went up into the hills to this community where i have a lot of important people and we spent a couple of nights and then went up and up and up to like 14500 feet where people are still eking out a living with potatoes and livestock and the money they can make off people coming through and the money their children make working elsewhere.  It was amazing – rugged mountains and strong beautiful people.  It amazes me sometimes just what human bodies are capable of. 
A wonderful woman, Undu aamaa (Undu’s mother), had my dad and I over to her house for a feast of a dinner.  Her oldest son and daughter are in Kathmandu studying and her youngest son, who’s between 13 and 15, has stayed with her in the village.  He’s just now in class 6 in a town a 2 hour downhill walk away (longer coming home) so he boards during the week and comes home on weekends.  His name is Dawa Tshiring.  Anyway, Dawa (for short) was talking about how he’d been up to tsho rolpa (the glacial lake my dad and I went to) carrying loads for trekking groups going through. I asked how much he could carry.  Oh 30, 35 kilos, he tells me.  I look at this little boy and ask him, well how much do you weigh?  35 kilos!  Craziness!!!!  You would love it here, I think.  i think it might be harder as a black person  because I’ve found people to sometimes be pretty racist here, as they are many places.  But I would so love to travel with you here!!!!  I’ve been thinking of you a lot.  Did I say that already?
Your time with the kids and also with the babies in the hospital sounds really fun and exciting.  Smile.  I wonder what you would think of the health care here especially up in the hills.  I remember walking down from Simi Gaau (this community in the hills with which I’m in love) and having a man come and ask us if we were doctors because his wife was so very very sick with some skin ailment.  None of us really had any medical training, but one of the young men I was with recognized the problem the woman had as ring worm.  She’d had it for at least a year and it had covered much of her body.  Ooph.  There were a couple of really cute little babies, too. One was under a month old and so beautiful.  Her big sister was not so happy to have her spot as the youngest taken by this new baby.  Smile.

Anyway, I’m thinking of you.  Do please keep sending emails however long or short.  I’ll work on keeping the letters/emails coming with some form of strange (ir)regularity.  You make me laugh.  even just thinking about you.  it’s wonderful.  you bring extra adventure into my life and i know into the life of lots of other people too.  Grin.  Hope you’re doing swimmingly.


Hi Kara,

How are you?  I’m good.  Whew.  Climbing yesterday was so fun!!!!  So fun!  Grin.  It was hard too.  I went up the wall twice (it’s an outdoor wall) and then halfway up a third time.  My endurance and strength are definitely not what they could be.  The rating system was a European system.  I have no idea how it works….  Grin.
I’ve been really busy at the office.  I get a ride there everyday on the back of a motorcycle – I love it and really want to learn how to ride one.  Although sometimes I’m a lot of talk and not much follow through.  Tomorrow’s a day off of office work and I’m excited to go to a community called Kirtipur with Alden who graduated from Pitzer this last year and is here on a Fulbright.  Grin.  Yay for exploring.
Your casting class sounds awesome!  Wow.  How cool is all of that.  Yesterday at the climbing wall I met someone who recently graduated from um…. Dartmouth maybe and she’s headed to med school in Alaska this next year and I was telling her how excited I am for her after talking to you about your studies and so forth.  I just think it’s all so cool!!!!  Grin.  Yay.
This evening we visited a girls’ home for play time and dinner.  Gosh I love kids.  They played on the monkey bars and we all played a game that’s kinda like duck duck goose.  Grin.  so fun!!!! I want kids really  badly and I’m really beginning to feel like my body’s ready and maybe I might be emotionally ready too.  It’s just the logistics that aren’t quite in line yet.  I mean.  There’s grad school.  Don’t really want kids while I’m in grad school.  And the problem of another person to have kids with…..  Ah details.  Grin.  I’ve wanted to adopt kids for a really long time.  Apparently it’s been something I’ve talked about doing since I was pretty little.  And I also think that being pregnant is one of the craziest things ever.  I mean, don’t you think it would be CRAZY to grow a person in your belly.  I mean, CRAZY!
Anyway, it’s getting late. I’ve been doing some reading out loud with Jon and Alden with whom I’ve stayed thus far.  From tomorrow I’ll be staying with Tanya and her boyfriend Roger, which I’m super excited about.  Grin.  You’ve gotten me saying super a lot more too.
Alright, towards bed it is for me.  Be well beautiful woman.

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Hopeful cynic, creative, seriously silly, lover of people and places, hypocrite, third-culture kid, queer, life-long learner, white woman, Christ follower, outdoor enthusiast: I am a seeker of justice and truth who has re-found my spiritual home in progressive Christianity. I serve as the Associate Pastor at a small Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation near the mountains of Colorado where I live with my beloved.
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