Goodbye with Sunshine and Tears, July 2008

Dear Shawnrey,
It’s been a long time since I’ve written and I’m hoping that this is still your email address.  How are you?  Where are you?  I just saw the beautiful facebook picture of you and your niece/nephew?  So wonderful!  It made me smile.  I’m in Kathmandu for 4 more days before I leave this part of the world.  It really seems surreal.  I can’t believe that the time has come already.  Craziness beyond craziness.  It’s been so wonderful and this last month I managed to go up to the village where a bunch of my colleagues’ families live and that was a blessing.  Every time I go, I return feeling recharged and grounded.  This time around I stayed with my colleague Nima and his family — wife and two sons aged 10 and 7, they made me so happy.  I love kids!!!
And soon soon, I’ll be back in the US of A.  I fly into LA on the 21st of July.  So insane!!!!  I can’t believe it.  Smile.  I hope I don’t die of culture shock.  Wry smile.  I think the first week or so will be pretty exciting and then after that it may start to get harder.  As I adjust and begin to get into routine and it’s no longer new and I’m no longer surrounded by all these different people who I’m working to visit or who are working to visit me.
Anyway, this is pretty short, but I wanted to say hi and I’m thinking of you and sending much love!


I can’t believe I’m leaving.  At all.  Part of me just wants to call up Margie and be like I was kidding, I want to stay!  Wry smile.  But I know that that’s me feeling at home and loving folks and being really jittery about going back to the US and having had a WONDERFUL beyond wonderful time in Simi Gaun.  That place is just what I need.  I wish there were a way for me to stay there for a long time.  Smile.  I miss it so much.  Yesterday we drove into Kathmandu and I got off the bus and just dazedly walked back to my friend Emily’s place (that’s who I’m staying with right now).  Crazy.  I arrive in LA on the 21st of July and will be there through my brother’s birthday.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen after that.  My folks are still without a job and feeling kind of frustrated about it (is what it sounds like).  They’re looking for something for the year.  I dunno.  They’re going to be at my aunt Sarah’s for a while in Wisconsin.  I’m considering asking them to get me a flight there so that I can be with them and work on applications and stuff like that for a while (maybe 2-3 weeks) looking at being in San Francisco at the middle-end of August.  Then I’ll be looking for a job for like 6-7 months.  Anything.  Just to get bills paid.  We’ll see how that goes.  Wry smile.
Anyway, this is just quick, but I want to go and call my folks.  i havne’t talked with them in AGES!  So that’ll be good.
You sound good if a little anxious about work stuff.  Yeah, money….  The wedding sounds wonderful.  I hope you had a great visit with Ashley.  She’s wonderful!!!!
Much love to you,
Dear All –
So it’s my last day in Kathmandu.  I’ve been overwhelmed by all that has been going on since I arrived a month ago.  My flight leaves this evening at 10:00 pm and I arrive in LA on Monday around noon.  Craziness.  I’ve spent the last week in a combination of goodbyes as well as simply hanging out and enjoying the city.  I’ve stayed the last few days with my friend Sam which has been great!  This morning we woke up early and headed to Boudha for a couple of rounds of the stuppa as well as breakfast.  I am looking forward to all the hellos that I have once I get to the US as well as work to get started (grad school applications) and of course some hanging out on the beach!  Sounds wonderful.  I’m sad to leave but have also really started to look forward and to get excited. I’m thinking of all of you and I will be in touch.
Love and peace,

About Thandiwe

Hopeful cynic, creative, seriously silly, lover of people and places, hypocrite, third-culture kid, queer, life-long learner, white woman, Christ follower, outdoor enthusiast: I am a seeker of justice and truth who has re-found my spiritual home in progressive Christianity. I serve as the Associate Pastor at a small Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation near the mountains of Colorado where I live with my beloved.
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